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20 cute ways to wear a plaid mini skirt

Did you know that plaid skirts are back? They have been seen on the runway at the Louis Vuitton show in Paris, Miu Miu in Milan, and even at New York Fashion Week. Celebrities are also rocking this hot trend, with Taylor Swift sporting a high-waisted plaid skirt while she was performing in New York. This plaid skirt is finding its way into your wardrobe too. It’s a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down. Check out these plaid skirt looks below, and start adding this trend to your next outfit.

The satin sleeveless top is worn with delicate red plaid skirt and heels
The delicate red plaid skirt and satin sleeveless top create a charming look. Follow this straightforward fashion advice to make your outfit come together. First, accessorize the outfit with an ivory necklace, gold bracelet, and matching earrings. Next, put on a pair of heels in either black or nude tone. Finally, finish the look by putting on some beige lipstick.
Bright yellow jacket with white top and beige color floral print skirt
When you’re going out on a date, it can be tough to find an outfit that’s both cute and appropriate. You want to show off your style and be covered enough to not send the wrong message. Luckily, a few pieces of clothing will meet these criteria! Try this bright yellow jacket with a white top and beige floral print skirt.
Long sleeve grey off-shoulder pullover with black gathered wet look skirt and long black boots
Friends, fashion is a great way to keep up with the latest trends without breaking the bank. I personally love this outfit because it is an easy and versatile combination that can be dressed up or down depending on what you need. The long sleeve grey off-shoulder pullover can be paired with any skirt for a more formal look or jeans and sandals for a sporty, outdoorsy look.
Red layered high waist skirt is worn with a lace top for a romantic look
To add a romantic touch to your wardrobe, try pairing a red layered high waist skirt with a lace top. The skirt will allow the top to flow nicely and create an overall feminine outfit. It’s important to note that the skirt must be fitted at the waist for this look to work. This outfit can be worn any time of year and goes well with many different shoe choices.
Taylor Swift in white summer lace blouse with stunning white summer mini skirt
Taylor Swift is showing off her summer style in this girly outfit. The photo captures her casually walking in a white lace blouse and matching mini skirt. Her hair is styled in an effortless up-do, which could be achieved with minimal effort thanks to the natural texture.

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White long sleeve lace blouse with black gathered wet look mini skirt and heels
You can’t go wrong with the romantic white lace blouse. The lace detailing is sexy, feminine, and perfect for summer! Pair it with a black wet look skirt for an edgy feel. Give your outfit some height with heels or wedges for a dramatic touch.
Sleeveless summer blacktop with V neckline and dome white summer mini skirt with layered ruffles

Try an ikat sleeveless top with a V neckline and a matching summer mini skirt for the perfect summertime outfit. Pair the ikat top with white layered ruffles on the skirt to create an end-of-summer feel.

Adding in some shades of red or orange is a great way to show your enthusiasm for summer without coming off as too festive.

Sleeveless black top with white dome floral mini skirt
The black sleeveless top with a white dome floral mini skirt is perfect for any occasion. It looks great with a pair of heels and it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. The fabric is comfortable and breathable, perfect for wearing in the summertime too.


Lace red plaid miniskirt with simple beige sleeveless blouse
Lace red plaid miniskirt with simple beige sleeveless blouse. Your fashion sense will need to be on point when you want to pull off this look. A lace red plaid miniskirt is the perfect choice for the winter season because of its warmth and coziness. However, finding something that goes well with it can be tricky, so keep an eye out for some light-colored blouses or tanks with a similar pattern.
Semi long sleeve black top with Bright floral gathered mini skirt
The semi long sleeve black top with bright floral gathered mini skirt is perfect for the summer season. This outfit is a great mixture of colors and textures that will help you look your best whether you are looking for a date outfit or just want something to wear to church. The top has some nice stretch that will wrap around your waist while giving you some breathing room in the arms.
Semi long sleeve striped French-style blouse with black wet look mini skirt
A semi-long sleeve striped French-style blouse with a black wet look mini skirt has become popular in today’s modern fashion world. “The modest look is back,” says Zoe Lopez, Peach Peach Clothing Store owner. This is because stylish women are looking for comfortable clothes and provide them with the sense of security they need in today’s uncertain world.
Call me mademoiselle - look
Long sleeve pink jacket with fringes. Wide dome mini skirt in dark blue with floral print. Nicely chosen apparel to complement each other. The skirt has pink floral elements that go well with the jacket. Everything is matched to the detail. And look at those gorgeous golden heels.
Red with black. Red plaid mini skirt with black long sleeves top.
Worn on its own, red plaid can be pretty attention-grabbing. However, the combination of the two hues may be just what you need if you’re looking to capture that elusive sophisticated look. The contrast between the colors makes for a dramatic effect; pairing these pieces together is sure to make any outfit pop!
Rihanna has a white cropped top, a high waist pleated mini skirt, and a white long sleeve jacket
Rihanna has been one of the most influential fashion icons in the world. Recently, Rihanna was spotted at a street walk with her newest outfit, which consisted of a white cropped top, high waist pleated mini skirt, and white long sleeve jacket. This is just one example of Rihanna’s many outfits that she can be seen wearing on any given day. It is no wonder why she is such a fashion icon and continues to push the boundaries through her clothing choices and style.
Denim blouse with plaid skirt and long black coat
Denim blouse with plaid skirt and long black coat is the preppy wardrobe essentials for fall. The blouse is a super versatile piece that can be worn on its own or layered. The plaid skirt adds a fun, youthful vibe to the outfit. The long black coat is perfect for layering against the cold.

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Sleeveless black cropped top with white summer mini skirt and gorgeous black heels
Every girl has a go-to outfit they live in for summer. This sleeveless black cropped top with a white summer mini skirt and gorgeous black heels is the perfect combo of comfortable and chic for this season. The sleeveless shirt can be worn with jeans or shorts, while the skirt is short enough to show off your legs but long enough to be appropriate at a family gathering. These two pieces paired together will make any day of summer just a little more enjoyable.
Long leather boots, red plaid skirt, and leather jacket - perfect winter streetwear
The days are getting colder, and the winter clothes come out. It’s simple to be cute with scarves, gloves, hats, and long leather boots while staying warm. A plaid skirt and leather jacket over them is just what you need. Go around town in style!
Beige sweater with cute red mini for a colder day
It’s that time of year where the leaves are falling off the trees, the temperatures are dropping, and you’re seeing people wearing their sweaters more often. The best way to keep your wardrobe versatile is to invest in a few pieces that can be worn all fall/winter long! Beige sweaters are perfect for these transitional seasons because they can go with any outfit. A cute red mini skirt makes this look perfect for colder days!
Short sleeve white top with white gathered skirt with green apple print
Not every outfit is the same. Some call for a particular type of clothing, and others are more open-ended. The fashionista in your life may want to try wearing a short sleeve white top with a white gathered skirt with green apple print for an entire day out at the mall. This dress may be best paired with silver sandals or yellow wedges when heading outside in the springtime sun. With this look, you can have all eyes on you!
A simple white tank top is worn with a red plaid mini skirt
Sometimes it’s the simplest of combinations that can become your favorite look. A white tank top worn with a red plaid mini skirt is one of those outfits that will never go out of style. This combination is a subtle pop of color, white on white, perfect for any occasion.