30 ideas on how to wear mint colour sexy 2019

Mint colour is a very unique colour from the start. No one can really make it up if its mint green or mint blue, actually it’s a bit of both contributing to this lovely shade. Wind colour is very refreshing and calming at the same time. Blue stands for confidence, intelligence and faith while green are for renewal, growth and wealth. A very good colour to wear i presume. I give you 30 ideas on how to wear mint colour sexy 2019.

  • Go all mint! Mint knitted jumper with mint trousers. This is very refreshing and outstanding colour. Calm shades would be the best ones to match along, like this mud brown bag.

  • Mint colour romper with mint jacket. The outfit does make one think that it’s maybe an formal wear, actually it’s not. It’s just the jacket that leaves this impression.  Great for any occasion, handbag to match.

  • Dusty mint light summer dress with deep V neckline. Light and summery dress. The little ruffle underneath the bust completes the dress. A light handbag to match and you’re ready!

  • Long sleeve plain jumper in mint shade along with mint shade mini skirt. Plain and simple and still looks good. No need to complicate things let’s keep them simple! 🙂

  • Sleeveless jumpsuit in mint colour. Gently falling and dressing the body. Long belt added to accent the waist line and also add more details to the outfit.

  • Stunning mint shade light summer mini dress. Eye catching strap design on shoulders creates a wow effect, making it not only modern but also flawless!

  • Long sleeve lace cardigan with floral pattern. The gorgeous mint colour stands out and is eye catching. Calm colours to match with the cardigan. Of you go 🙂

  • Long sleeve silk shirt dress in mint. Stunning appearance! Long leg splits and elegance and sensuality to the outfit. Light belt accents the waist and the whole appearance.

  • Long sleeve mint colour jumper with matching long trousers. Casual outfit, good for everyday and not bad for sport too.

  • Elegant sleeveless jumpsuit it mint colour. Deep V neckline. Stunning wear. Highlights the curves and adds the look of powerful independent women.

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