Belts to remember 2019 gold belt edition

Gold belt is one of the most valuable accessories you can add to an outfit. It can change the look dramatically, or just spice it up. The belt can complete the look, or make it outstanding. Belt is and always will be an important part of the outfit, so let’s check out the coolest combinations and let’s see how belt can affect the outfit.

  • Black top with semi long sleeves and seaweed green mini skirt. The gold belt so smoothly fits in and refreshes the outfit. It separates the two apparels to later bring them back together.

  • Sleeveless grey pencil mini dress. Simple, lovely but on its own not fully complete. Belt adds more shape to the outfit, highlighting the body curves. Also add some extra glam as match with the sunglasses and bracelet perfectly.

  • White long sleeve dress. Here you can see 3 colours. The gold and brown are still from the same shade, that’s why quite alike. Gold belt assents the outfit. Shoulder bag and heels perfecting complimenting each other.

  • Black sleeveless jumpsuit. The gold Belt accents it. Attracts more attention to it and more details become visible. Also adds glam look to the outfit.

  • Sleeveless white top with white pencil skirt and white clutch bag. Cleopatra like look. Gold belt with tiger buckle is right in place.

  • White long sleeve off shoulder top with light grey shots. Not always the belt needs to change something. It can also add some sparkle to the outfit and that’s it. Here the belt is only highlighting the apparel and melting them into one piece.

  • Black lace – long sleeve top with black leather like trousers. Leather on its own add glamorous look, but together with gold belt – You are unstoppable.

  • Lime colour folded summer dress. Gold belt accents waist line and gives the outfit more shaped look. The gold belt completes the look in the best possible way.

  • White chequered long sleeve dress. The Dress itself is nice and simple. The Gold belt in feather shape creates a completely new look of the outfit. With the feather like belt the outfit inhales more heavenly sparkles.

  • Red one piece jumpsuit. Beautiful piece. This is very summery jumpsuit and so it’s quite loose. The gold belt keeps everything intact and highlights the delicateness of the wearer.

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