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Top 30 Floral mini skirt ideas for this summer 2019

Now when the summer season is long time here, everything floral and bright that sits is your wardrobe – bring it out! Now it’s the time to wear it! Floral styles can be many and not always we can picture the right way of putting things together. So, i have prepared for you Top 30 Floral mini skirt ideas for this summer 2019

  • Black outstanding long sleeve jacket with interesting motives where the paint is fading. As the jacket has a bit of white in it too, creating a visually grey colour, it goes well with the white floral skirt. Black top, boots and handbag to complete the look.

  • Bright yellow jacket with white top and beige colour floral print skirt. Bright and gorgeous colours, perfectly matched with each other. Golden belt makes the colour mix smooth.

  • Long sleeve black cropped top with black printed high waist mini skirt. Cropped tops look awesome with high waist skirt or trousers. Black bag to match he outfit. White heels – as you wouldn’t expect them.

  • Sleeveless black top with white dome floral mini skirt. The skirt is so light and feminine that it forms a complete look, from which ever angle you look. Heels to complement the look.

  • Call me mademoiselle – look. Long sleeve pink jacket with fringes. Wide dome mini skirt in dark blue with floral print. Nicely chosen apparels to complement each other. Skirt has pink floral elements that go nicely with the jacket. Everything is matched till the detail. And look at those gorgeous golden heels.

  • Long sleeve purple top with dark blue mini skirt with floral print. The skirt has brownish elements, which was highlighted by matching brown heels and bag. Bring in the third colour to your outfit and see hoe lovely the colours resonate.

  • White jacket with white long sleeve blouse. The floral mini skirt works as the colour blender. Having those white flowers it matches with the top. Yet the dark blue colour accents the pantyhose.

  • Black strapped top with high waist light blue mini skirt. The mini skirt has a bit of black motives too, among those blue flowers. Detailed heels to match the outfit.

  • Long sleeve black blouse with black dome mini skirt and floral print. Bold and outstanding look.  The big pink flowers bring colour to the outfit and accent it at the same time.

  • Baby blue long sleeve top with fringes, matched with midnight blue mini skirt with floral design. The flowers on the skirt are in cold pink shade which does match the baby blue colour. Fringes to accent the flowers.

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