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    Brief Introduction
    This equipment is most often used to package toilet paper and kitchen towel.
    Technical Parameters
    1. Production speed: 10-15bags/min
    2. Toilet paper Packaging size: 2 rolls, length 93mm, width 220-240mm
    Kitchen towel packaging size: 2roll, length280mm, width 220-240mm
    3. Drive belt height: 750mm or customized
    4. Packaging quantity: 2rolls, 4rolls, 6rolls, 8rolls (Shown as photos)
    5. Packaging film: CPP, OPP, high pressure PE, PVC
    6. Independent operation control system and temperature control system.
    7. Automatic material feeding system
    8. Power: 6kW–220V–50Hz
    9. Weight: About 2000kg
    10. Procedure control system: Programmable control system
    Product Details
    paper packing machine price