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20 pleated mini skirt trends you need to know

With the sun shining bright and the weather warming up, it’s time to switch your winter wardrobe for something summery. This season, one of our favorite trends is pleats – you can find them in dresses, skirts, and pants! They give off an adorable yet sophisticated vibe that’s perfect for spring/summer. So check out these 20 different ways to rock pleated mini skirts this season!

Long sleeve purple top with dark blue mini skirt with floral print
I love this outfit because the colours are so rich and bold. I like to wear it in the fall because the colours can pop with all of the trees changing colours. It’s fashionable but still very versatile. Another thing I like about this outfit is that it can go with almost any type of shoe or shoe colour.
The white pullover is worn with a red mini skirt and red heels
On a chilly Friday in October, while some of us were finishing up one last assignment before the weekend and others were just starting their Friday night out on the town, we saw a woman strutting her way down the street. She was wearing an oversized white pullover with a red mini skirt and matching red heels.
White jacket with white long sleeve blouse and floral pleated mini skirt
If you’re looking for a chic outfit for a summer daytime event, consider pairing a crisp white, long sleeve blouse with a floral, pleated skirt. This ensemble is perfect for spring or summer and can’t be more on-trend. Layer on tulle sleeves if the event is outdoors, and don’t forget to accessorize with a chic clutch!
Semi-transparent white shirt worn with a red mini pleated skirt and black jacket
A semi-transparent white shirt worn with a red mini pleated skirt and a black jacket can make any woman feel feminine. The pairing is perfect for summer outings, dinner dates, or even an evening out with friends. One of the best things about the two pieces is that they are both very lightweight, making them easy to wear in summer’s hot weather. By mixing colours and textures, this outfit offers a variety of options for what shoes to wear too!
Long sleeve black blouse with black dome mini skirt and floral print
When it comes to dressing for spring, many of us find ourselves freezing in the face of cooler days. Many clothes can keep you warm without sacrificing your style, but finding them can take time. With this article, you’ll learn about the different types of clothes available to keep you cosy and trendy as you head into the spring months.

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Taylor Swift wearing long sleeve striped top with a red pleated mini skirt on her street walk
This week, Taylor Swift was spotted on her street walk wearing a long sleeve striped top with a pleated red mini skirt. She has been seen sporting several outfits this week, including a black and white striped shirt with black leggings and a black bomber jacket.
White lace tank top with red pleated skirt
A perfect tank top for a springtime night out is a white lace tank top with a red pleated skirt. The look reminds me of living in the south. It’s feminine and flirty but still has that southern charm. This look will turn heads when you’re out with your girls.
Baby blue long sleeve top with fringes, matched with midnight blue mini skirt with floral design
This outfit consists of a baby blue long sleeve top with fringes that is tied at the side in order to keep it snug. The bottom of this outfit has a mini skirt that is in the color midnight blue with a floral design along the hemline. This outfit is perfect for when you are looking to dress up your summer look with some style and elegance.


Leopard print blouse with red pleated skirt
Why are leopard print blouses with red pleated skirts so popular? It’s because everyone loves the look of the mix match. They are stylish, fun and offer various options for wearing them. This article will explore the history of the look, some fashion tips for wearing these pieces together, and what you can wear with them to expand your look and not just stick to one style.
Long sleeve beige knitted jumper with black gathered wet look mini skirt
One of the hottest fashion trends this year is to wear long sleeve knitted jumpers with mini skirts. The look is especially striking on women with dark hair. This trend might seem like a combination of two clashing styles, but the truth is that if you choose your jumper and skirt carefully, it can be surprisingly chic. You can find knitwear in all kinds of colours on many store shelves, so go ahead and experiment with different looks to see which one makes you feel most confident.
White sweater with a dark red pleated mini skirt and black hat
The new craze in fashion today is white tops with dark red bottoms. The new minimalist look is the perfect styling for any day of the week, including weekend getaways and date nights. This outfit is easy to put together and chic enough for any occasion.
Oriental print blouse with a red mini skirt and blue heels
Bright colours and bold patterns are a huge trend this fall. With the brightness of the colours, the outlined silhouettes give a sleek, modern look for this season. A nice way to break from the monotony of basic blues and blacks is to pop colour with an oriental print blouse paired with a red pleated mini skirt and blue heels.
Pastel blue denim shirt with high waist floral print mini skirt

Many people think that the colour of clothes is just for fashion, but it’s also important to know what colours are best for your skin tone. It is easy to choose clothing colours that do not match your skin tone because you don’t have to go out on a limb too far.

The first thing you should do before choosing any new outfit is to check the colour wheel.

Black long sleeve high neck pullover with gathered black wet look mini skirt
Many people associate wearing black to funerals or special events, but not everyday wear. However, the colours are exactly what some fashionistas are looking for. Black long sleeve high neck pullover with a gathered black wet look mini skirt is a style of clothing that has become popular in recent times due to its chicness and simplicity. The clothes themselves are black, except for the sleeves that are long and high neck. They have a gathered fabric on the bottom that creates the skirt shape.
Long sleeve white top with grey stripes and floral pleated mini skirt with yellow flowers
It’s time to spice up your life and add some colour into the mix. Your wardrobe is probably full of black, white, and grey items that can be styled in many different ways. I recommend adding a few colourful pieces like this long-sleeved white top with grey stripes and a floral pleated skirt with yellow flowers. It’s easy to add pops of colour to your outfit when you have these two simple things in your closet. There are so many colours you can find in the spring season!

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Indian print t-shirt with red mini and matching handbag
Indian print t-shirt with red mini and matching handbag are key trends seen on the streets all around the world. The colours of many Indian pieces are vibrant, contrasting with the lives of many citizens. Designer Ritu Kumar states, “India is a very colourful country, so why not make clothes that reflect this?” Many designers have followed her lead by incorporating Indian elements into their designs. This includes prints on t-shirts, skirts, dresses, and jeans.
Long sleeve white cropped summer blouse with floral pattern and stunning high waist white pleated skirt to compliment the look
Every woman desires to look chic and stylish during the summer. A white crop sleeve blouse with a floral pattern is a perfect addition to your wardrobe during the summer season. Pairing this top with a pleated high-waist skirt will give you the ultimate fashionista look. This outfit is great because it can be worn for any occasion, casual or dressy!
Faux-leather pleated mini-skirt worn with a black tank top and striped jacket
Women’s skirts are a great way to breathe life and style into any outfit. This season, faux leather pleated mini skirts were worn with black tank tops, and striped jackets are perfect for spicing up an outfit. Adding a little edge to your look, this skirt is sure to give you the stylish edge that every woman needs! Choose from a selection of colours such as black, brown, green, and red.
Plain lace top with wet look mini skirt and red heels
The newest trend of the season is the wet look mini skirt which has many practical benefits. This pleated mini skirt can be paired with any top, but the new plain lace top with a wet look mini skirt and red heels are perfect for a night out on the town. This outfit is chic, sexy, and comfortable- everything that makes for an amazing night.
The sky blue lace top is worn with a high waisted burgundy colour mini skirt and matching colour heels

This look is about an outfit that can be worn during the warm months, preferably on a date with your significant other. Sky-blue lace tops are very popular right now, and they can be paired with almost anything. If you don’t have any lace tops in this colour, I recommend purchasing one at H&M. They are affordable yet cute. The next step to completing your look is finding a high-waisted burgundy skirt.