Striped apparel trends and how to wear stripes in 2019


  • Hot Black and White cardigan style top highlighting your décolleté and accenting the fine lines of your silhouette. Black Leather Trousers and Heels are adding the last cherry on it! All together this outfit become as one of this summer apparel trends.



  • Striped white and pink summer dress and heels. Holiday mood is on! Calm colours with open shoulders are exactly what you need this summer!



  • Striped midnight blue mini dress. Perfect for hot city breaks. Midnight blue has a calming effect during heat.



  • Burgundy pencil dress with white stripe. A stripe on sides only, accents your shape in best possible way, dragging all the attention to the curves.



  • White suit with black stripes and heels. Vertical stripes tone the body and give it visually slimmer shape. High heels just top it up.



  • Cropped black top with Checkered pants. Perfect play with colours! Here the accent is made on trousers. Checkered print highlights the curves and looks totally gorgeous!



  • Red and Black Pencil skirt with stripes. Perfect play with colours. The white lines just attract attention without making statement in any way. Black heels to complement the legs.



  • White long sleeve top with black vertical lines tend to visually make a person slimmer. Larger top with slim black stripes attracts attention to the shape of the body. Black trousers complete the look. Trousers would look better in this occasion as they prolong the effect of the stripes.



  • Two piece or one piece jump suit. Interesting to know, that horizontally striped jump suits you will see very rarely. Jumpsuits are made to show off the figure, and for this very same reason the stripes in most occasions will be vertical.



  • Blue jumpsuit with white stripes. These outfits are made to stand out, don’t feel shy to try out bright colours! You might get noticed by someone very special.

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